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SBPL New OverDrive/Libby Platform

Authored on
May 27, 2022

We're excited to announce our new OverDrive/Libby platform! 

New Libby/Overdrive Experience

Santa Barbara Public Library has moved their Libby / OverDrive titles to a new collection, and will no longer be part of the Black Gold Library Cooperative’s account. Since Carpinteria Library is becoming an independent jurisdiction, this does not affect cardholders from the Carpinteria Library.

Because at SBPL we know digital content is important to you, we’ve spent the last several years building an Advantage collection of titles that have been solely for the use of SBPL patrons (in addition to what we contributed to Black Gold Library Cooperative’s shared collection). In anticipation of this upcoming transition, our librarians have been reviewing our Advantage collection and purchasing even more titles to ensure it continues to provide the depth and breadth of options you’re used to accessing.

What can you expect as we make this change? See below for more details and some suggestions for keeping your account just the way you like it.

The move will bring over: our items, your account, your holds, your checkouts, and your wishlist.

The move will not bring over: your purchase recommendations or your reading history. If you’re interested in keeping your reading history, please see the information below for more details. If you’re interested in keeping your purchase recommendations, please take note of your currently recommended titles as you’ll need to recommend them again on the new system.

Additionally, if you had a loan or hold on a title that is no longer in the collection, you may notice that the item is missing. This should be very rare, but, unfortunately, some titles are no longer available to purchase on OverDrive or the terms and conditions under which we are able to buy them don’t justify the cost relative to anticipated use. This will be less than 2% of the approximately 25,000 current checkouts and holds.

Logging into your account:

OverDrive Webpage:

  • Go to  and log in as normal. Everything should be here with the exception of your reading history and recommendations.
  • Feel free to make the recommendations again if you’re still interested in reading the title.


  • When you go to use your Libby, you will see an image that your library has a new identity. Follow the instructions on how to do so at this link. You may be asked for your PIN, which is the last 4 digits of your phone number.
  • If you are having trouble with this step, try adding a new library card by searching for the Santa Barbara Public Library.

If you have questions about this transition or need help accessing your new account, email, call (805) 962-7653.