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Sustainably SBPL Monthly Challenge April : Slow Fashion, Fixes & Reuse

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The fashion industry is responsible for up to 10% of global carbon emissions and requires the use of water and energy. As consumption rises, we see the rise of plastic, petroleum, and pesticide use, resulting in pollution and other environmental impacts. Tons of clothing goes into landfills each year, so finding sustainable clothing options is one great way to do our part to solve this problem.


Learn how to mend your clothing to give it a longer lifespan and keep it out of the landfill. Consider more sustainable fabrics when shopping such as organic cotton, linen, hemp and lyocell. Buy your clothing second-hand from local thrift stores or online shops. See how you can stretch your wardrobe by taking care of it, altering it, and handing it down when you can.

Check out a Library sewing machine.

Sustainability & Resilience, a City of Santa Barbara department, provides information about reducing local landfill waste. 

Library Slow Fashion, Fixes & Reuse Resource List:

Join SBPL for beginning sewing and clothing alteration classes this month! Next month, we will be having a fix-it fair with menders on hand to upcycle your clothing.